How to prevent water damage

For home owner, water damage is very common.
So to do something to prevent water damage is so important for homeowner policy holder.

There are three places needed to be done.

1) Outdoors
  • Clear eavestroughs of leaves and other debris at least once a year - later fall is a good time.
  • If you have asphalt shingles, make sure they are not deteriorated, worn or curling
  • Packing your garden hose away for the winter? Don't forget to drain the pipe.
2) Indoors
  • Replace plastic or rubber water supply lines connecting appliances or plumbing fixtures in your home with flexible steel braided hoses.
  • If you're away for more than four consecutive days at a time during the regular heating season, have someone check the heating system daily - or shut off the water and drain the pipes before you leave.
  • Make sure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated
  • Consider connecting your plumbing and heating system to a 24-hour monitored alarm service

3) In the basement
  • The basement is often the first place you'll experience water damage
  • Keep floor drains unobstructed - and be sure not to cover them
  • Store items in plastic storage containers on raised shelving
  • Always check your basement for leaks after heavy rainfall or a rapid thaw

The above water damage tips is provided by ING insurance.