Woman sues insurance company to force payment of damages

DENVER (AP) - A woman involved in a two-vehicle crash in Denver more than two years ago has gone back to court in an effort to get an insurance company to pay up.

Shantel Gonzales was riding with a friend on Father's Day 2005 when the vehicle in which she was a passenger collided with a truck.

Gonzales was 22 weeks pregnant at the time. Doctors performed an emergency Caesarean section, delivering a boy that Gonzales named Marco. But he was born 3.5 months premature, and lived for just over an hour.

Gonzales sued Shelter Insurance for damages, and a jury last year awarded her $130,000.

The woman's attorney says Shelter hasn't paid that verdict, though it did pay $14,000 toward her medical expenses.

Shelter would not comment.

The trial is expected to last three or four days.