Question for Home insurance

Q: My car was broken into while I was shopping at the mall.A brand new golf bag and a leather briefcase I had just purchased for my husband were stolen from the trunk. Do I claim these items through my automobile or homeowners insurance policy?
A: Your home insurance will cover items stolen from you car that are not permanent fixtures of your car, as long as you have receipts to prove ownership of those items.

Q: Is my house covered while I am on vacation?
A: As long as you plan to return, your house is covered. In most cases, if you are away more than four consecutive days during the heating season, there is no coverage for damage caused by freezing of any part of a plumbing or heating or domestic water container unless you had arranged for a competent person to enter the dwelling on a daily basis.Ask your insurance broker to be sure.

Q: My son is going away to college next fall. Is he still covered under our homeowners insurance?
A: Most likely he will be covered, as long as he is a dependent and is temporarily living outside your house. Speak to us to find out what the limit of insurance is on any personal property he will take with him.