Samples of Equipment Break down

When equipment breaks down it often leads a variety of unanticipated expenses. To assess the value of equipment breakdown insurance, total all of the these costs:
* Repair or replacement of the damaged equipment.
* Income for the period you have to shut down because a breakdown interrupts your business.
* Extra expenses to rent spares or rush repairs.
* Loss of perishable goods.

Here are some expamples:

Office Equipment
A consultant's office was down for two-and-a-half days when the file server failed. Employees had to work the weekend to finish a major presentation wich their client expected on Monday morning.
Total loss: $7,003.20

Telephone Equipment Failure
This business office experienced a total telephone system failure due to a power surge. Damage to the rectifier, tape unit, CPU, SDI, six line cards and two trunk cards required the replacement of this equipment.
Total loss: $39,215.00

Air Conditioning Breakdown
A rooftop air conditioning unit compressor "burned out". The contractor was not able to determine the precise cause of the loss.
Total loss: $8,010.00

Electrical Service Interruption
Three transformers, which were owned by the plaza owner, burned out. Our Insured, a tenant restaurant, suffered loss of income as well as food spoilage.
Spoilage: $3,971.12
Income Loss: $7,305.13
Total loss: $11,276.25

--- From BI&I