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Royal Canadian Mint to file claim related to unreconciled gold

The Royal Canadian Mint intends to file a claim under its all risks insurance policy to offset approximately Cdn$15.3 million worth of unreconciled gold.
The Mint commissioned Deloitte and Touche to conduct an audit to determine if the unreconciled difference in gold was the result of an accounting or transaction recording error.
The report concluded: "[T]he unaccounted-for difference in gold does not appear to relate to an accounting error in the reconciliation process, an accounting error in the physical stock count schedules or an accounting error in the recordkeeping of transactions during the year."
The Mint has requested the assistance of the RCMP to investigate the matter.

Ontario urged to review Cdn$30,000 claims deductible, verbal thresholds for auto injury

Ontario’s superintendent of financial services should review the use of the verbal threshold for establishing serious and permanent injury and/or the use of a Cdn$30,000 deductible to discourage plaintiffs from pursuing smaller auto negligence claims, according to the summary of findings in the Civil Justice Reform Project.
The author of the Civil Justice Reform report, former associate Chief Justice of Ontario Coulter Osborne, released his findings in November 2007. Smaller auto negligence claims represent 21% of the province’s Superior Court of Justice claims, Osborne noted.
In his report, Osborne noted Ontario’s Bill 198 amendments to the Insurance Act in 1996, as well as its associated regulations, are intended to minimize smaller auto negligence claims.

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P&I claims and premiums on the rise, Aon report says

The surge in costly in protection and indemnity (P&I) pool claims in 2006 could be a sign of the times, as booming shipping operations become more expensive, according to Aon’s P&I Pre-renewal Report 2007.
In anticipation, P&I clubs are already initiating increases of 10-20% in shipowners’ premiums at the next renewal, Aon’s report notes.
“The high value of claims in 2004 – so far totalling US$280 million – were viewed as an anomaly, yet current evidence suggests that costly claims may be a feature of the current cycle,” Aon says in a press release.
Aon says 2006 claims, if they follow recent trends, could reach US$580 million. The 2006 average claim value of US$18.06 million would nearly double the 2004 average of US$9.66 million.

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How to make a claim?

Claims are simple to file, but the procedure varies from one plan to another. Some plans require you to pay the health care providers and submit your receipts with a paper or electronic claim form to the insurer for reimbursement. Other plans provide you with a drug card or dental identification card, which allows the pharmacist or dentist to submit the bill to the insurer electronically and receive payment directly. In either case, the confidentiality of your information is protected.
Typically, you must file claims within one year after you incur the eligible expenses, although the filing period may vary. Life and health insurance companies are committed to considerate and prompt payment of claims and they continually make changes to speed up the process. A straightforward health or dental claim may be processed within a week or two; more complicated claims, such as claims for disability benefits, may take longer.