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Ontario auto rates increase in 2008 Q1

Ontario auto rates are on the rise, according to data posted by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), the regulator of the province's insurers.
Rate applications approved for 2008 Q1 averaged +1.05%, based on the entire market, FSCO noted in an online bulletin.
Rate changes approved in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 were -10.60%, -2.43%, -1.27% and +0.55%, respectively, for the entire market.
In 2008 Q1, for the 43.37% of the market that had rate changes approved, the average rate change was +2.42%, when weighted by market share.

Another 5 years of above-average hurricane landfall rates likely

The average risk of landfalling hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin for the next five years remains at significantly above the risk averaged over the long term, warns Risk Management Solutions (RMS).
The current activity rates lead to estimates of average annual insured losses that will be 40% higher than those predicted by the long-term mean of hurricane activity for the Gulf Coast, Florida and the Southeast, an RMS release reports.
The risks will be 25% to 30% higher for the mid-Atlantic and Northeast coastal regions, RMS added.


Premium rate of Non-U.S.A. Plan

When you take the vacation to foreign country other than U.S.A., the TIC travel insurance for Canadian has good rate for you.

Let's get some detail about it.
TIC has a Non-U.S.A. Plan for it.

Age 0-30, $1.15 per day up to 365 days.
Age 31-54, $1.45 per day up to 365 days.

Looks cheap.

How much about the U.S.A Plan

Now US dollar is almost same as Canadian dollar. So lot of Canadians go do down Stats and do shopping and travelling.

OK, if you want to buy a U.S.A Plan of Travel Insurance for Canadian through TIC, I can give you some premium indication firstly.

Age 0-30, $1.75 per day up to 365 days.
Age 31-54, $2.10 per day up to 365 days.

For a family is $5.40 per day up to 35 days.
Family means a maximum of 5 persons and includes the applicant and their spouse under age 61 and their dependent children under age 22.

You can get some idea about the premium you need to pay to U.S.A

Rate of Basic Insurance increase

BC's ICBC announce that his rate of basic insurance will increase about 6.5%

On February 1st, the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) approved ICBC's application for an interim rate increase of 6.5% on basic insurance, effective March 15. The interim rate will remain in place until the BCUC renders its final decision on 2006 basic rates, expected in late May of this year. If the BCUC approves a final rate lower than 6.5%, affected customers will receive a refund subject to the conditions ordered by the Commission.

ICBC's January 27 application to the BCUC sought a basic insurance rate increase of 6.5% for 2006 on an interim and permanent basis, as a result of significantly increased injury costs for claims.

ICBC may cut basic auto insurance rates

Corporation told to move $530 million from optional policies
Michael Kane
Vancouver Sun

The provincial government is ordering the Insurance Corp. of B.C. to reallocate more than half of its financial reserves, a move that could lower rates on basic auto insurance.

But watchdog groups say the directive also puts the government back in charge of regulating the publicly owned insurer, while reducing the role of the B.C. Utilities Commission to that of a rubber stamp.